3 Topics You Should Know Regarding Plumbing

A struggling system is inefficient and burns more resources, even though it’s not keeping the occupants more comfortable. Poor indoor air quality is a major problem and it can actually make your family sick. Maintain the temperature control elements of the home and your air will be much cleaner. There are also other ways to improve indoor air quality, from the garage to the patio and since your family spends so much time in the home, taking extra steps for health simply makes sense. It seems like few things are built to last these days, meaning you’re constantly replacing something or other around the home and with your vehicle. Keep up with the HVAC system, though, and you should enjoy its benefits for a much longer period of time. 4. You Won’t Need To Call A Professional As Often Home visits are outrageously expensive, no matter what has broken down. Avoid this costly aspect of home ownership by keeping all your major appliances and apparatuses in good working order. When you turn your thermostat up, you expect the temperature to increase; likewise, if you want more cool air indoors to counteract the seasonal heat outdoors, you expect a response that corresponds to your commands, but that won’t happen regularly without proper maintenance.


Store bought chemical drain cleaners used chemical reactions to unclog drains. The chemical mixtures in these cleaners give off noxious fumes, which are unpleasant for everyone as well as pets. If one drain cleaner doesn’t work then the easiest step would be to try a different one, right? NO, when using these chemical drain cleaners, mixed chemicals can sometimes cause a cement like reaction. On the other hand if the chemicals being mixed are quick-tempered then that could cause an eruption in your drain. These chemical reactions are also very harsh on your porcelain, stainless steel, and aluminum bathroom fixtures. Some chemical combinations can cause corrosion and sometimes eat through the fixtures. Drain cleaners can also damage PVC, old or corroded pipes as well. This is an instance where a simple clogged drain could end up becoming a huge re-piping/ plumbing emergency plumber job. Instead of using chemical drain cleaners you could try the old fashioned way.


Highschool fights back against obesity with new meal plans Late last Thursday, the Onteora Sewer was able to obtain details of new meal plans expected to be rolled out later this semester. With obesity at an all time high in America and no signs of it slowing down, one local high school is putting in place new measures to prevent the growth of this epidemic. Targeting a student’s diet as the major contributor to weight gain, the school will be supplementing all meals with the popular fat burning supplement, “Hydroxycut™”. America’s number one weight loss product will be introduced on a large scale throughout many of the food items available at the cafeteria. Since the details about this new policy were announced, many parents have criticized the school against the use of the food additive, citing safety concerns for the students. “Our lawyers are reviewing the lawsuit against MuscleTech [manufacturer of Hydroxycut] and the claims that the supplement may cause severe liver damage. Despite your concerns we believe parents will be pleasantly surprised with how tone and fit their children will look as a result of the change,” the school’s spokesperson said in response to parental concerns. Following the statement, parents praised the school’s dedication to health and the safety of the children.


The hot surface igniter is more reliable and can last longer than the pilot light, but its life expectancy depends on the usage. Over time and due to regular wear, the igniter surface temperature decreases, as the electrical current, due to an increased resistance, declines. The igniter must be replaced if the testing shows that the resistance value is much below the design values (check the manual) or it is an open circuit with an infinite ohm. The ignition failure is one of the problems related to the malfunction of the above elements. The water heater has failed to ignite the gas burner. The ignition failure fault message found on the LCD screen will be displayed if the flame sensor didn’t confirm the flame presence at the burner or the flame sensing Gordontheplumber.com Bartlett Illinois current didn’t meet the requirement – equal or above 1.0 µA. The control system will try to ignite the gas on the burner up to three times and if nothing happens after that, the system will lock out and the Ignition Failure fault message will display on the LCD screen. The S1 dipswitch is factory set for 3 trials but can be configured between 1 and 3 trials. Ensure that the main gas valve is open, that there are electricity and water flow.


Final I was asked to place a towel at the bottom of the water heater. I placed the towel on the ground up against the heater. "was it wet?" It was soaked, I said "yes. The technician said is leaking " from the bottom". I said it could be leaking 1/2 way up - but the technician was adamant that the heater was leaking from the bottom. The technician said that. I would have to accept an appointment from a SEARS technician who would confirm that the water heater tank was leaking- a $79 service call. This visit was scheduled 5 days from my call. If the technician agreed that the tank was leaking he could arrange for a replacement - taking another 24-48 hours or more, if the unit was available.


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